Wimbledon Language Academy

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

The Wimbledon Language Academy is a friendly and welcoming English language school which will give you the opportunity to experience the delights of living in the exciting cosmopolitan city of London, whilst studying in a safe and secure environment. The location of the school allows you to study in a quiet environment with easy access to shops and stations - it only takes 20 minutes to reach to central London.

We offer General English courses at different levels (from pre-intermediate to
advanced) and we also prepare our students to take the Cambridge exams.

Our courses cover all aspects of English language learning (grammar, writing, speaking and pronunciation, listening and reading) and are taught by graduates who are qualified in teaching English as a foreign language.

We also believe WLA is a language school with a difference. What is that difference?

- Is it our desire to provide accredited affordable and value for money courses in a very expensive city?
- Is it our commitment to our students and their learning?
- Is it our goal of helping all our students enjoy a very friendly school and benefit from the adventure of studying in London?

We believe it is a combination of all these factors and this is the reason that many students have told us that WLA feels to them like a second home and that their period with us has been the best time in their lives.

What makes WLA special?
A desire to provide affordable English courses in one of the world’s most expensive cities and most certainly the best country in the world in which to learn English. It is a commitment to our students and their learning in combination with a supportive and warm atmosphere.

We provide the best possible environment that we can for our students to learn English and experience the adventure of studying in London.

We believe it is a combination of all these factors that makes WLA a special place to study.

It is the reason that many students have told us that WLA feels like a second home to them and their time studying with us has been the best time of their lives.

At the WLA we believe it is important for students to make friends and experience the rich cultural life that London offers and to help facilitate this we run a varied social programme which seeks to cater for the tastes of all our students - which includes regular trips to the theatre (plays, musicals), cinema, football matches, social evenings and sightseeing trips.

During the breaks students can relax in our common rooms, play table tennis or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and chat with friends. All our students have unlimited free internet access to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Wimbledon Language Academy can provide you with living accommodation. The accommodation is with host families living in the nearby area (all families have been checked to ensure that they are suitable and the accommodation follows the guidelines set by the British Council).

As London is a very cosmopolitan city our host families come from many different countries and backgrounds, and we believe it is a big part of the overall learning English abroad experience. In the homestay you are expected to speak English and respect the family/house rules. You will usually share the kitchen and the bathroom with your family.

We always try to match your needs with the families. However, it is important to book as early as possible and tell us about your requirements (regarding your diet, allergies, smoking, children and pets).