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Ulew Tinimit Spanish School

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Ulew Tinimit, located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, offers an intensive Spanish-learning program that includes 25 hours of private one-on-one instruction every week, tailored to your specific level and needs. Our Spanish school provides the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish while immersing yourself in Guatemalan culture. Students may also volunteer with one of our many school-managed community projects.

Ulew Tinimit was founded in 1992 with the vision of contributing to the development of our country through our own efforts and in collaboration with the participants in our programs.

Ulew Tinimit Spanish School is located just blocks away from Xela's Central Park and within walking distance from nearby restaurants, cafes and gyms/dance studios. The school itself is a large colonial building with a large patio instead of traditional classrooms. There's a skylight covering the patio, protecting students from the elements while providing a nice, sunny space to learn Spanish. We have free WiFi access and a kitchen that's available for use.

We support a handful of projects in Xela and the surrounding communities. Volunteer opportunities include Organic Agriculture, Organic Agroindustry, Artisans Support, Rural Education, Medicine, and Alternative Centers of Justice.

Part of your tuition goes to help support these projects and once you arrive, we're happy to take you to the different projects and get you involved. Since language competency is key to successful participation in these projects, we require that students wishing to participate as volunteers first spend at least one week in our language immersion program.

Each of our teachers has vast experience working with students of different levels of proficiency and many specialize in specific areas of study such as natural medicine, law, and regional history to help insure that you learn Spanish quickly and thoroughly.