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Spanish in Rosario

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Spanish In Rosario does exactly what it says on the box! Not only is it a excellently well chosen brand, but the location, premises, staff and overall environment can not be completely described in words! You need to try it out for yourself! The beauty of this place is not only is it a school, but one big happy family that welcome everyone and anyone with open arms, which I think is essential if you are to arrive in the concrete jungle of Rosario and speak very little of the native tongue. Do not be expecting or be put off by the memories of your past secondary school with bright clinical lights and aging grumpy professors, but cool, friendly enthusiastic teachers combined with beautifully decorated, rustic and Airy classrooms! Spanish In Rosario will not only teach you Spanish, but teach you the Argentinian (Spanish) way of life in and outside the classroom! Listo! - Oliver Wadsworth - England.


If you are in Rosario and interested in learning Spanish, meeting people, and being invited to so many events your social calendar will be over-flowing, you have to drop by Spanish in Rosario. I had such an excellent time learning Spanish here, met some fantastic people, and had fun. The teachers are excellent and really gave me essential language skills that I was able to build on after I left Rosario and continued traveling. I can't recommend Spanish in Rosario enough! Laura Jane Quirk - Ireland.


Spanish in Rosario was an incredible experience. I did not speak a single word of spanish when i reached Argentina. I signed up for a month- the group classes. The teaching staff is incredibly fun, and does not really feel like a class. Really friendly, and we got involved in a lot more than just the class- we were a part of the community- lunches, dinners, watching and playing football, tango lessons, charity work, parties, events. I really doubt any other place could get you a better experience learning a language- i mean in the entire world! It is run by a family (Argentinamerican)-incredibly awesome people. Of course, my Spanish was also pretty good at the end of the month - a few people even believed i was from Argentina (in Bolivia). I could travel across the smallest villages of South America, speaking just Spanish. Made loads of local friends, all over the continent. Rosario is the best place in Argentina, and most travelers miss this place! OVERALL, BEST SPANISH CLASSES IN LATIN AMERICA. - Bharadwaj Krishnan - Singapore.

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