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Simon Bolivar Spanish School

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Simon Bolivar Spanish School in Quito was founded in 1994 with the mission of promoting the outstanding natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador to the international community through teaching Spanish. The school is officially registered and authorized by the Ministry of Education and operated by both Ecuadorian and European Management.

The best thing about Simon Bolivar Spanish School is our location in Quito. Quito has been known as one of the best places to learn Spanish in the entire world due to the pronunciation and dialect of the Spanish language used. Combined with the spring like temperatures year round - it is an ideal location to learn Spanish as a second language and to gain experience traveling in a city beautifully surrounded by mountains, valleys, cultural and historical attractions, plazas and all the tourist services you can imagine. The school itself is located only 3 blocks from one of the cities biggest attractions, the Plaza Foch that boasts many restaurants, shops, cafe's and so much more.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School can hold up to as many as 40 students at one time. The most common students are those who take individual lessons, both in the morning and afternoon. Group lessons are available for those who are at beginner level. Also, Simon Bolivar offers online lessons Monday through Friday and the same methods as individual lessons are used, as well as the same excellent curriculum. Other study programs available are preparation for DELE - the diploma of Spanish as a second language, an official document. A special program many enjoy at Simon Bolivar is where the student can take lessons in the morning and in the afternoon, but in the afternoon the teacher will take the student out into the community to practice their Spanish in real situations in gift shops, markets, restaurants, museums, or any place the student and teacher may find interesting. All Simon Bolivar's teachers have Spanish Teaching degree's along with other subjects. Many speak English and some have over 20 years experience teaching Spanish as a second language.

While students are studying in Quito they have the option to live with a family, called Homestay, or reside in either a Hotel or Hostel. Both are great options, close to the school and depend on the type of experience the student would like to receive. Staying with a family offers great potential to learn more about the Ecuadorian's culture including daily life, food and traditions. Families that receive students into their home are chosen very carefully and all have many years of experience dealing with foreign students. Hotels and hostels are a great choice for students who are more independent and perhaps have more of a Spanish speaking background. There are 5 different options that Simon Bolivar has chosen for students that provide a safe, homey atmosphere, kitchen and is close walking distance to the school. If students would like the option of staying in a hotel or hostel, the school is always more than willing to help with reservations before the student arrives.

Students also have the excellent choice of choosing to study elsewhere. Many times there are great packages and opportunities to travel to the Amazon, Pacific Coast or Cuenca to study Spanish. If students are interested in this type of study, mention it to the Simon Bolivar staff during registration. One of Simon Bolivar's main goals is to make students feel at home the second they arrive in order to ensure a spectacular experience while they are visiting Quito. If at anytime students need anything at all, there is always somebody available to talk to or help in any case there should be an emergency.