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Nica Spanish Language School

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

We are a Nicaraguan educators team, who have been teaching Spanish to foreign visitors in Nicaragua since 2000. We are one of the three Spanish schools owned and operated by Nicaraguan educators.

We teach all levels of students and we offer personalized service at our 3 Spanish schools in Nicaragua. Our classes are mostly full immersion in Spanish, but we also provide bi-lingual instruction. We employ a practical second language acquisition method that has proven to be very successful for our students around the world.

The Nica Spanish Language School program advances the student at their own pace while also encouraging and challenging them to progress in the four areas of language which are: Speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing.

Why choose us?
1. With us you have your own personal tutor.
2. Advance to your own pace.
3. You choose your schedule.
4. Lessons are focused in your necessities.
5. Have fun meanwhile you are learning.
6. NO stress.
7. Interactive learning system with bi-lingual teachers.
8. Learn with the experts.
9. Learn about the richest culture of Central America.
10. Save money.