Official Description (Provided by language school)

Live Language is a small, friendly language school in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city. Our academic philosophy is ‘Demand High’, which means we expect a high level of performance from our staff and students.

We accept students from beginners level and support their academic journey right through to university preparation courses and university entry. Our courses are affiliated with over 50 universities in the UK.

Our school is located in Charing Cross a safe and quiet area of the city. We are close to the University of Glasgow and a 10 minute walk to the vibrant West End and the City Centre. Students love both our old school buildings which are architecturally and historically important, as well as it’s convenient location. Glasgow has the nickname ‘The Friendly City’ and is loved for its culture, museums, music, nightlife and shopping, but most of all for it’s people. If you travel for 45 minutes east you reach Edinburgh, if you travel 45 minutes west, you reach The Highlands. Glasgow, reported as the UK’s safest city, is easy to get around by foot, bus, train or subway.

Live Language receives students from all over the world, 52 countries at the last count, so our classes have a good mix of nationalities. We keep our class sizes small so teacher-student contact is maximised. Our lessons are designed to be communicative and interactive so your confidence in using the language in real situations grows. We don’t believe in lecture style lessons.

We pride ourselves in having a professional and friendly team of qualified teachers and support staff who offer a prompt and professional service – essential ingredients for building good relationships.

Students, businesses and agents have been pleased with the quality of service and attention they have received from Live Language. We hope that you choose to join us in the future, and can experience our excellent service for yourself.