Official Description (Provided by language school)

Do you dream of learning English in the UK? Choose from a variety of fast, effective English Language Courses designed to suit your needs and help you achieve fluency. Gain the confidence you need to communicate with ease in English with our choice of flexible full time and part time specialist English Language Courses.
We are an independent language school that runs several courses for many types of learners, who all have different requirements and needs. We are experienced enough to understand and appreciate these needs – but most importantly – being an independent school we can offer you the personal touch, attention to detail and determination necessary to make your course work so that you achieve your goal or fulfil your wish to master a new language.

The quality of our teaching is our greatest asset and so all our teachers are carefully selected to ensure that your lessons are second to none. Naturally, they are all highly qualified expert language teachers who have taken Cambridge or Trinity College certificate and/ or diploma courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) or equivalent courses in Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teaching. We offer a comprehensive Continual Professional Development Programme for our teachers and staff to develop their professional skills and understanding of language acquisition.
The most important ingredient is our teacher’s enthusiasm and interest in languages and learning them. We insist that all our teachers possess this!
Be it English or any other language – at Lexis School of Languages our teaching methods are effective so that your learning experience is high value, worthwhile, memorable and enjoyable. We stimulate immediate interest, provoke genuine interaction amongst your group and build your confidence thereafter.
We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver results. Student feedback and opinions are taken seriously to ensure that you achieve your goals and learn in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.