Kyoto Japanese Language School

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Our School was founded in Kyoto in 1950, and since then we have steadily undertaken the teaching of Japanese to foreigners as the second oldest Japanese language school in Japan. Typically students from more than 20 countries are studying at our school. Because our school is small, it is easy to get to know with the teachers and your fellow students.

We have an 'Art and Culture Study Class' in our intensive course. Students learn Japanese culture and history in the classroom, and this study is supplemented by related field work. After completing the field work, students make written reports and give oral presentations. Through this “Input – Activity – Output” process, the class aims to teach students about Japanese culture and enable them to express their opinion about what they have learned.

You will be able to study not only Japanese but also Japanese culture in the calm atmosphere of the ancient capital, Kyoto.