Istituto Galilei

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Institute Galilei – the School for Italian language & culture courses

Institute Galilei is officially accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and our clients don't pay VAT (value added tax).

Among the schools for Italian language and culture in Italy, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in One-to-One, personalized and small group (with max 4 partecipants) full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals, students and everybody who has little time to study but wishes to acquire significant results in a short period of time.

Established in 1985 in the center of Florence (5 minutes walking from the Cathedral/Duomo), the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its first class services to the leading companies of the world.

The Institute Galilei's One-to-one and small group courses offer the unique opportunity of getting a deep and durable knowledge of Italian Language, Italian Cooking (in the real kitchens of some of the best restaurants), Art History (directly in museums and historical places of Florence) and Drawing & Painting (in a Maestro studio) without spending too much time. Our One-to-One courses are tailored to fit the student's needs and thus follow a personalized plan of study, from beginner to highly-specializing level. Particular aspects of each study can be explored or emphasized according to the student’s wishes and needs. The One-to-one courses grant full flexibility in terms of schedule and program. They are divided in ten levels ranging from the first for beginners to the tenth in which the complete command of each discipline will be achieved.

With 3-4 students per class, our Small Group courses are a good alternative to One-to-One course for those who prefer to be part of a group class but still wish to work on an almost individual level.

One week of our One-to-One courses corresponds to approximately one month in a class with other students. The One-to-One courses can be started and finished any day requested. The small group courses start every other Monday.

Our teaching method
We use a flexible and personalized teaching approach, taking into consideration that mother-tongue, age, interests, study habits and motivation make a difference from person to person in terms of time and ways of learning.

Phases of the learning process:
- Evaluation of the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics.
- Individualization of the student’s personal
- Selection of the most appropriate instruments
- Controlling of the process of learning
- Interpretation of the achieved results

School's facilities
The rooms of our school are equipped with air conditioning, audio-visual system, stereo recording facilities wireless Internet.

We can help students who attend an American University to receive our credits approved by their Registrar or Dean by giving them a detailed course description together with an evaluation letter by their professors at Galileo Galilei. Usually, 5 semester's credits correspond to 40 hours of a One-to-One course.