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International Spanish School of Costa Rica

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International Spanish School of Costa Rica was established in 2004 by Rafael Borbón and Wesley Diehl, the directors and experienced teachers, as an alternative to traditional language schools and methodologies where the imperative is the student as a person and his/her learning experience, and not only financial gain.

Located in the tranquil, residential neighborhood of Barrio Dent (to the east of San Jose, within walking distance of downtown San Jose and near the town of San Pedro, site of the University of Costa Rica campus.)

Our school is a boutique school that works with small numbers of students in order to offer personalized attention and high quality language instruction, tailored to fit each student's needs. Classes are usually one-on-one or no more than 2 or 3 students per group. Our courses focus on developing students conversational skills, i.e. listening comprehension and speaking. Grammar and vocabulary are usually learned in a natural way through practice in conversation. The use of textbooks is limited, mainly for reference when needed to study  particular grammar points but without excessive book work or writing exercises. Our methodology and working strategy is designed to minimize classroom stress, making for an enjoyable, rewarding experience combining academic, cultural and social aspects for an integral experience.

We created our school  for those who are looking for a different learning experience and whose main goal is to truly learn or improve on their Spanish, whether students, professionals in medicine, law, economics, education or other areas, business travelers, and any others who want or need to learn Spanish.

We hold classes in a non-traditional relaxed atmosphere; instead of a classroom with table and chairs, there are comfortable sitting areas where the teacher and student interact much as one would in one's own living room having a conversation with friends. This is our casual conversational concept known in Spanish as "tertulia".

In addition to classes at our school location near downtown San Jose, we also offer the option of "in situ" classes for those who prefer to receive class at their living accommodations in areas surrounding San Jose such as Heredia, Alajuela (especially for business travelers or their families who may prefer classes at their hotel, apartment, or work facilities.