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Escuela de Idiomas Falcon

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Escuela de Idiomas Falcon (formerly Academía Falcon) has over 20 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Guanajuato. At Escuela Falcon we have the best, and most experienced Spanish teachers. Our staff is dedicated to the advancement of its students. The lessons are planned to allow our students to learn the Spanish language with instructors that specialize in a variety of fields, and will help you to become familiar with Mexican culture as well as the language.

At Escuela Falcon you will have over 20 different, exciting classes to choose from! What's more, you have the flexibility to change your schedule of classes each week. This flexibility in schedules allows us to accommodate each student's availability and class preferences. Unlike many other schools, we let you decide how many and what classes you want to take each week; from Grammar and Conversation to Cooking, Salsa dancing, Mexican Cinema and many others.

Not only are we dedicated to your advancement in the Spanish language, but also to making sure you have the best possible experience in Guanajuato. Whether you would like a recommendation for a tasty restaurant, get lost in Guanajuato's winding streets and need directions, or require help with travel arrangements to other parts of Mexico, our staff is knowledgeable about the city and country and is here to help!

At Falcon we believe in providing our students with a well-rounded and culturally enriching experience. Because of this, we offer cultural activities throughout the week for our students. Not only will you learn Spanish, you will also have fun, discover fascinating places, taste exquisite dishes and attend amazing cultural events. Instead of visiting a museum on your own, participate in a museum tour, guided by our Mexican history professor. Instead of wandering through the Mercado Hidalgo on your own, take a guided tour with our cooking professor! The school is also home to a vibrant English program and many of our Mexican students learning English also participate in the activities. This is a great way to meet more members of the community and practice Spanish with native speakers! We can also set you up with one of our many homestay options with a welcoming Mexican family.

Escuela Falcon offers the best prices for quality language classes in Guanajauto. Our classes are affordable, but you don't need to sacrifice teacher quality, staff support, or flexibility and personalization. We strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn Spanish, and therefore enhance their experience while in Guanajuato. This is why we make our class prices accessible for everyone. We also offer discounts to our students who come in groups, or for more than four weeks.

Guanajuato is the ideal place to study Spanish and discover a new culture. A colorful colonial city nestled between the mountains of Central Mexico, Guanajuato is full of history, culture and charm. During the day the sun is nearly always shining. You can walk through the picturesque cobblestone streets, explore the intricate alleyways, visit one of many museums, relax in a tranquil café or enjoy one of the many other activities in Guanajuato.

It goes without saying that you will have the experience of a lifetime as you study Spanish right in the center of beautiful Guanajuato, Mexico!