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ECELA Spanish Lima

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Our school is located on the coast in Lima, in the prestigious neighborhood of Miraflores just a couple of blocks from the Pacific shore. Miraflores is one of the most secure and modern neighborhoods in Lima, with a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, discos, parks, modern shopping centers, beaches and tourist attractions to visit. ECELA Lima was founded in 2007.

The ECELA classes are divided in two blocks: Grammar & Conversation. The different topic lessons are designed according to the student’s skills and level; therefore, if a student is good in speaking, but no so much in writing, he/she will be placed in two different levels, with different teachers and classmates.

We believe that our students are not only here to learn Spanish but to be part of an exciting experience abroad. Keeping that in mind, we always coordinate extra activities and weekend excursions.

Every week the school organizes four activities, they could be free of charge or very economic, ECELA do not make profit from it.

6 Locations in Peru, Chile and Argentina
Most language schools only operate in one location – Ecela gives you the freedom to choose a destination that suits you. Plus, you can transfer between schools for zero extra cost!