Columbia English Language School

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

In addition to our long established courses for local students, Columbia extended its portfolio to hosting international students both in and out of season. Located in the Limassol tourist area, our modern Campus features new spacious apartments, planned to house 3-4 students, each equipped with strong Wi-Fi access and ensuite bathrooms.

In the package, students benefit from quality teaching each morning, taken in the state of the art classrooms. The overall school methodology is based on the Communicative Approach, the Learning Styles and Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences theories. The lesson plans are teeming with invigorating activities that engage students’ participation and enforce a student-centered environment.

All students also have access to the online platform, ClubEFL, which is available both in class and remotely and is available to our overseas students for up to one month after they complete their course. The platform consists of enticing activities that successfully complement classroom practices, while self-study and self-testing quizzes boost students’ confidence and allow them to progress at their own pace.

In the Junior Programme, activities and excursions are carefully planned and supervised to guarantee a culturally rich and exciting schedule. Students are always busy and more importantly are continuously having fun, forming new friendships and developing important team building skills. Anytime spent in Cyprus at the Columbia Language English School is an experience not to be missed!