CEVES Spanish School

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Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language after Mandarin. It is spoken mainly in Spain, Latin America, United States, and Equatorial Guinea.

Discover the best place to learn Spanish. A unique place where you can learn all Spanish dialects, to enjoy the culture, the food, the music and dances of the Hispanic world. To know Spanish speakers from Spain and Latin America. All in one city: Miami, famous tourist destination.

CEVES Spanish School offers quality instruction for professionals, executives, students and the general public that want to develop or increase their Spanish proficiency.

Our semiprivate course (maximum four students) or our private program allows you to speak, understand, write and read Spanish in a very short time. Whether your level is beginner, intermediate or advanced, we have a comprehensive program to fit your needs.

Ceves offers native teachers who are expert linguists. Twenty five years’ experience gives you academic excellence.