Official Description (Provided by language school)

CASA means home, a term commonly used by people to describe where they live. Being more than just a house, home evokes a sense of security, comfort, belonging and calm. At CASA we aim to transform Spanish learning into a wonderful experience by creating a close-knit community between our students and instructors, bringing you closer to other adventurers who are just as curious as you are to learn what it means to be a Porteño (a native of Buenos Aires). Our classes are designed for occasional travelers, expats and everyone else who wants to learn Spanish while they enjoy the vast amount of cultural activities Buenos Aires has to offer. Everyone knows that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish speaking country is the best, and fastest way to gain competence and get a real understanding of the language. In CASA we bring those together with a common goal of learning Spanish and fully immerse them into the Argentine culture. As a result, you will walk away with the tools and confidence necessary to open your mind and see everything/everyone around you as opportunities to practice what you learn.

Time has proven that a relaxed atmosphere is the best environment to be in when getting to know the Spanish language. As such, the teachers at CASA Spanish School come equipped with the best attitude and skill set to offer our students a top-notch education. The dedication and personal attention they give each to student helps to differentiate them from the rest when it comes to guiding students through the learning process. By utilizing games and the best teaching methods available, they are able to make each student feel welcome whether in individual instruction or in a dynamic group setting.