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BASP - Buenos Aires Spanish School

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Why our school stands out:

- We founded AACELE (Asociación Argentina de Centros ELE) 8 years ago.
- Our 8 level-system allows a better positioning for the student and more specific study groups, to satisfy properly the student’s needs and expectations.
- The personalizad attention is one of our main goals. We can achieve this through the creation of a friendly and reliable environment which helps the student to feel at ease while he studies with us.
- Group lessons begin every Monday, all the year round.
- The structure and materials of our classes do not only include books, but they also include listening, extra material and other cultural activities.
- Our prices are the most competitive of the ELE market.
- All our fees include the class material, attendance certificate, coffee, Internet and WI-FI at school. Map, transport guide, accommodation arrangements and personalized assistance with no extra charges!
- We organize cultural activities and walking tours every week so that the students reach a complete immersion in our culture, in which they will be able to make new friends and meet new people together with our staff.