Babylon Idiomas Barcelona

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Babylon Idiomas is located in the city centre of Barcelona on the first floor of a historic ‘Eixample’ building; high ceilings, mosaic floors and spacious rooms. It further has 3 bathrooms split into one bathroom for men and two bathrooms for women. The school has 10 classrooms that can accommodate at full capacity 80 students per session or 160 per day. Each classroom is fitted with ergonomic chairs and large tables.

Key Facts:
- Total surface of school is 320 m2 (with air conditioning) plus south facing terrace of 80 m2.
- The school complies with all known security requirements: illuminated EXIT sign, fire extinguishers, first aid kit.
- The school owns a TV, DVD, video player, cassette player as well as 4 PCs connected to a fast ADSL Internet connection exclusively for student use. Free WiFi is available in the school.
- The school features a communal living room as well as a large outdoor terrace where students can meet, drink coffee or enjoy their lunch. The school is non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed on the outdoor terrace.