Official Description (Provided by language school)

We appreciate your interest in learning about the services provided by AUDING Languages​​.

We are a language training company established since 1975. We teach all major languages​​, according to the needs of our customers. Currently the most popular are: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese for Foreigners.

Lessons can be individual, in pairs or small groups and are customized according to the need of each professional, as well as according to the requirement of each company. Below are information about our schools, teaching methods and forms of assessment.


Our comfortable facilities are located in the Centre and Barra da Tijuca and are designed for language teaching professionals, both for individual classes, as for group classes. We also have libraries, video libraries and multimedia centers.


AUDING Languages ​​is proud of its methodology with dynamic and interactive classes conducted by our teachers, putting students in real situations of daily life and work, including travel, business meetings, negotiations and telephone conversations.

Through interviews and tests, oral and written, we seek to assemble, by hand, a specific program for each student, based on their level of knowledge of the language, objective and plans of the company, or individuals, as well as considering their areas of interest and characteristics personal.