Apamate Traveling Adventure

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Apamate Traveling Adventure is a Spanish school and a touristic organization formed by a group of young entrepreneurs led by Isaías Cartaya and Santiago Estevez. The organization was inspired by the beauty and natural diversity of Venezuela and the pride for its culture.

Our programs combine cultural and educational aspects with extreme adventure designed to ensure an amazing and completely unique traveling experience.

Our classes are taught through the “Synergy Method” which is based on dynamic conversational exercises. Classes can be held anywhere at anytime and aim to make students develop their speaking skills or improve them in the case of previous knowledge. The efforts of memorizing words and learning things by heart are avoided. The teachers are trained to keep students focused, motivated and relaxed. They are able to adapt to different groups, individuals, and situations in order to minimize possible discomfort and ensure daily progress.

Synergy has been used over the past 20 years for teaching a wide range of people from elderly to children and from doctors to taxi drivers. It has been recognized and recommended by many as the best method.

Our locations:

Barcelona: Our language school counts on two classrooms of 12 square meters, comfortable chairs and table for 10 people, air conditioning and media resources where Spanish, English and French classes are held daily. In addition to that, we have a beach classroom at gorgeous "playa Los Canales” where students can enjoy the beach landscape while learning the language and exchanging with local English students during special activities.

Playa Colorada (Mochima National Park): Our relaxing camp-lodge at Playa Colorada only 45min away from Barcelona is the best option because Spanish classes are held in open spaces within the lodge with chairs and portable blackboards. The students can make use of our accommodation services, participate in traditional cooking with our Spanish speaking staff and have access to the beach only about 50m away. We also have a beach classroom right on the sand for special lessons where drinking coconut water straight from the nut is a must.

Caripe (El Guacharo National Park): In Caripe, “The Garden of the East”, we count on our partner camp-lodge “Kenya”, mostly built from recycled materials where students will receive classes in open spaces with chairs and portable blackboards. Special classes are held at a museum and library. Volunteer projects by local and international students are constantly ran from “Kenya” as well as cultural activities and expeditions.

Our accommodation options are diverse: You can book your Spanish courses without accommodation. However we highly recommend a local homestay or shared apartment for Spanish language practice. Students can make use of our accommodation sites or also our assistance in case of any special need.

We maintain a well-established network of family houses, hotels and lodges located in safe and strategic places. Decide between the independent dynamics of a shared room or the hospitality and cultural opportunities of a homestay. We can also recommend and reserve hotels.

In case of choosing a Spanish and adventure program for groups, the accommodation will be at the same place as your traveling partners during the program always in shared rooms with beds and hammocks.