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It was a great experience for me

I spent 11 months in AIL. It was a great experience for me. This school offers everything to make living in a foreign country easier for you. Besides learning the Spanish language they offer a huge variety of leisure time activities. I got to know a lot of people in this school and the motivation to visit a language school in a foreign country was a different one for each of them. But there was always a common agreement amongst all of us: The quality of AIL is great. The teachers are the best ones I’ve ever had. Each one tries to take into consideration the wishes and needs of all of the students, which is not an easy thing, but they manage and they do it with a lot of charm and professionalism at the same time. One can learn Spanish at this school, have a lot of fun and even make friends. The school is situated quite central but also beside a huge park, called Retiro-Park. An incredible place to chill out during lunch time and to recuperate the Spanish you learned during the day. I just can recommend AIL for everyone that wants to improve his Spanish knowledge or also for those who want to learn the language from the very beginning.

I would encourage any student of Spanish to look to AIL for a productive and happy learning experience

I am retired and of a certain age (72) and thus was a little apprehensive about attending a language school of which I knew very little, in a city – Madrid – where I would be a complete stranger. E-mails from AIL were very understanding and encouraging, however, so I decided to take the risk. ¡Quesuerte! The decision to enroll at AIL was one of the best I have made since I retired. I enjoyed every minute, both in the school and in Madrid. To begin with, Madrid is a very easy city in which to adapt: it took no time at all to feel at home there. The people are naturally warm and welcoming, the city is clean and extraordinarily beautiful, amenities are accessible, good food and drink are everywhere and not expensive, fine art and good architecture abound (as is well known), and public transportation is efficient and easy to use. It is impossible to be bored or at a loss for entertainment in Madrid, and suitable accommodation is easy to find. And then there is AIL. Although AIL is one among many Spanish language schools in Madrid, I can’t help but feeling it must be among the very best. I chose it for its location (in beautiful, convenient Barrio Salamanca) and, as mentioned above, because the staff had been very sympathetic and encouraging when we corresponded. But by the end of my first day of class I was aware of two other supremely important advantages: the quality of the faculty and the quality of the students. My teacher was unquestionably the best, most dynamic teacher of Spanish I have ever had. She gave every inch of herself to the job and every day brought original ideas, fresh insights, and crystal clarity of explanation – as well as abundant humor and a wonderful depth of culture – to the classroom. Every day the four hours of classroom instruction passed quickly and left me eager to return the next day. My teacher’s openness and breadth of reference (as well as her humor) encouraged the interaction so essential to acquisition of familiarity with the language, and my fellow students rose to the occasion. From all over the world, they were motivated and united by an affinity for Spain and its language and a desire to learnto speak Spanish. They were open-minded and ready to engage with their colleagues. Friendships formed quickly and endured throughout. We learned from one another as well as from our marvelous teacher. Throughout my time at AIL, the school administration was cheerful and helpful, always available to answer questions and to offer help. I attended classes at AIL for four weeks. It was not enough. I intend to return as soon as possible, and without hesitation I would encourage any student of Spanish to look to AIL for a productive and happy learning experience in one of the best cities in the world.

My course was effective and fun!

At AIL Madrid all is extremely well organized. My course was both: very effective learning due to a highly motivated teacher and a lot of fun and laughter within a multi-national group of different ages.

My time at AIL was a combination of apprehension and enthusiasm

My time at AIL was a combination of apprehension and enthusiasm as my first day at the school was about to start after several months of planning. My stay was assisted by the staff in the various areas of the school. With my apartment a 25 minute walk to the school, each day was a learning curve for me. After the initial meeting to give us information about the school and the activities that were provided for the 50+ group, it was off to the classroom and lesson number one. My teacher was Nuria and along with the 7 other students she encouraged us to only speak in Spanish during the lessons. When we needed help, it was always there. Asking questions was always an important part either at the start or during the lesson. I always had questions as I think that it is an important part of learning. Students learn in different ways, for me having examples of various grammatical situations was a good learning tool for me. It increased my ability to have a reasonable conversation in the street, at a restaurant or asking directions in the metro station. Pronunciation was also given a high priority and after listening on how the teachers pronounced many words, it became quite natural to follow their lead. Our 50+ group of 8 was a diversified one: 2 from Japan, 2 from Poland, 3 from the UK and me. After each lesson, the group had the opportunity to meet in the afternoon and be involved in different activities geared towards our age bracket. There were museums to visit, small towns to explore or a Flamenco dance lesson to enjoy. The school gave the students the opportunity of different styles of accommodation. Some chose the host family with the chance of improving their Spanish level or have their own apartment located in areas close to the school. I chose an apartment. After I said goodbye to my fellow students, I arranged some private lessons at the school. I felt that with a 1 on 1 learning experience, I could reinforce the parts of the language that were important to me at a pace I could handle. I was very pleased with the result. My teacher Irene was very patient so when I faulted, she could assist. My month at the school was coming to an end so it was time to finalise my last lesson knowing that travelling half way around the world, becoming immersed in a language that is spoken by many people in different countries, had many rewards. It is so important now to keep up the practice so as to have made my time in Madrid a worthwhile adventure.

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