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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Ahlan World gathers all the Ahlan Arabic language centres under one umbrella. Ahlan Egypt Alexandria, Luxor and Cairo, are all part of Ahlan World, as well as Ahlan Jordan in Amman and Ahlan Italia in Savona. And a new Ahlan centre is open now in Rabat, Morocco.

All centres share the Ahlan philosophy, which promotes language as a tool for building bridges and greater understanding between cultures. Learning Arabic and other languages the Ahlan way, is also a path to personal development and fulfilment. Ahlan World sees language as a tool, not a purpose.

Ahlan World creates initiatives between its centres and local organisations, NGOs and foreign institutions, which enable its students to further understand Arabic and the local communities that speak it.

Now, more than ever, understanding is needed between the Arab countries and the rest of the world. This is why Ahlan World organizes language courses based on a humanistic-communicative approach with cultural activities, seminars on intercultural understanding in primary and high schools, and periods of study abroad. Travel is a great educator promoting trust, knowledge, understanding and respect between people of different cultures.

Ahlan World introduces its students to local traditions and activities to further mutual understanding and respect. It encourages sustainable tourism, and organizes a series of initiatives aimed at reviving cultural traditions. These support the environment and sustainable development of the region.

Over the years, the various Ahlan centres have developed good relations with a number of foreign companies and institutions, including banks, hotels and embassies. This has contributed to Ahlan World's ability to work as intercultural mediators and translators for a number of corporations and associations in the Middle East and North Africa.

We also offer recruitment services in the region for both local and foreign staff.
Rabat is a wonderful environment for the study of the Arabic language. At the same time, students cannot expect that a course of one month will produce a miracle. You will learn much with your time with us, but Arabic, like any language, takes time to master.

Arabic is a beautiful, dynamic language and it is worth spending time studying it.
Apart from lessons with our professional teachers, Ahlan-Morocco offers many activities that provide opportunities to practice speaking Arabic. You can meet Moroccans from outside Rabat on our weekend trips, or befriend native Arabic-speakers and local students during our weekly Language Exchanges.

No matter what your level is, Ahlan-Morocco encourages you to embrace Arabic and practice speaking outside the institute to the greatest degree possible. In that way you can master the language in the shortest time possible.