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Ahlan Jordan

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  • Building No. 8, St. Fouad Saleem Jabal al Webdah (Arab Cultural Center), AMMAN, Jordan
  • +962 (0) 777137660

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Ahlan Jordan-Terrible

By far the worst educational experience I have endured in my adult life. There is NO curriculum or method for teaching beginners in Jordanian Dialect (Ammiya) at Ahlan Jordan. The center is not just lacking qualified language "teachers," but there seems to be a lack of common sense. During the last week of Ahlan’s advertised 4 week course, we spent 2 days trying to read and translate misspelled Past-tense Facebook posts written by Syrians. Then, the “teacher” spent the next two days going over past-tense verb conjugation. The opposite of logic. The "administrative staff" at Ahlan Jordan is a good representation of this center: Highly unprofessional and clearly lack any training or experience in administration. It’s worth mentioning that this center, and the willfully incompetent people in it, DO NOT represent Jordan or the people of Amman. You can meet amazing friends on conversation exchange or other tandems that are much better at teaching and helping you develop your Arabic. I loved Amman and Jordan as a whole, this center does not represent either.

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