Ahlan Arabic Centre

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Official Description (Provided by language school)

Ahlan Arabic Centre offers Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) - normal and intensive - and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) courses for seven levels of ability, from Beginners to Advanced. Classes are held daily, Sunday to Thursday.

The normal course in MSA consists of three hours daily. The course in ECA consists of two hours daily; it is also available to all students registered on any MSA courses.

In July and August Ahlan Egypt offers a special program called Teacher Training Program. It’s cheaper and it combines Modern Standard Arabic classes held by trainee-teachers with classes held by experienced teachers.

During the summer, you can have also an intensive course in Modern Standard Arabic, by enrolling to the Extra Linguistic Activities course, in addition to the the MSA course (normal or training teacher program), thus adding two more hours of lessons daily of linguistic activities, games that test linguistic skills and conversation, totalling 10 hours of instruction per week. This course is available only to students registered on any of the MSA courses (normal or training teacher program), except beginners. It is available only in summer.